“Your Body Is Talking Are You Listening?” DVD

“Your Bodyis Talking…Are You Listening?” DVD
In this short video Dr. Sheryl will share the basic principles of naturopathy helping you to understand the root causes of disease. You will take a journey inside of a live digestive track giving you a better understanding of how each of your body systems are interconnected and dependant on a healthy digestive system.

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Dr. Sheryl will be covering deficiency in the American diet and nutritional supplementation. Learn about the isotonic delivery system and how to effectively use key supplements such as Aloe Juice, Digestive Enzymes, OPC-3, Multivitamin & Minerals, Activated B-Complex, Calcium and Vitamin D3

If you are passionate about learning and sharing good health in a quick and effective way

“Your Body is Talking… Are You Listening?” is for you.