Technical Support

In the Members Log-in page, there is a link called “Lost Your Password?” Click on it, after being redirected to a new page simply type the email, the username is tied to and click “Reset Password”. You will receive an e-mail that will allow you to input a new password.
Simply log-in with your username and password, once logged in correctly, the user will be redirected to a page exclusive to subscribed members and from there you can access the course.
In the Members Log-In page there is a link to the members area page near the bottom. This link only works if you are logged-in, however so make sure you are. You can also find this link in the Navigation Bar under Members Log-In. Called Naturopathic Wellness Course.
Go to the Members Log-in page, If you see a Log-in form, then you are currently not Logged In. If there is simply a link that says Logout, then you are already Logged – In. Note that clicking on Logout will Log you out.
Before you click the register button, you need to follow these steps:

1) Create A username that will be unique to you (Note: if you get a username taken error, you must create a different one)

2) Put in a Valid e-mail that will be tied to your username

3) Input your first and last name in the appropriate boxes

4) Insert a Unique Password, then confirm that new password by retyping it

5) Click your course

6) Read the Naturopathic Wellness Course Disclaimer, then check the checkbox stating you have read and agreed to the terms

7) Choose your Payment Option: Either Credit Card or PayPal.

Once all these steps are done, clicking the register button should take you to a survey, if that occurs then everything went correctly.

I tried to register but an error occurred, when I tried again it says “E-mail already registered”

What occurred was when you tried to register the first time, the account was created, but the full registration process was interrupted. To complete the process follow these instructions.

1) Log-in with the username and password created in your first attempt to register.

2) you will be redirected to a page that says this is for subscribers only, Do not be alarmed.

3) from the Navigation Bar go back to register

4) From here you can finish the registration by reading and accepting the disclaimer (check that checkbox or you can’t proceed!) and paying with either credit card or pay-pal.

If you follow the steps above and click the register button then you should be sent to a page with a survey. Complete the survey and your registration will be complete. Make sure your Logged-in and can access the course to confirm.

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