It’s not something we like to think about, but each day our bodies are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and medications we ingest, that can have huge negative effects on our health.  I invite you to review the latest CDC report that discusses human exposure to environmental chemicals.*

Our liver and intestines are amazing organs that work to filter out these chemicals each day, but just like any filters, if they are not cleaned, they can become overloaded and ineffective at removing toxins from our bodies.

Here are some distinct signs that your body may be toxic: lack of energy; headaches; achy joints; chronic sinus congestion and excess mucus; dizziness; skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea; excess perspiration; bad breath and body odor; difficulty sleeping; irritability;  and depression.

One of the most important steps we can take to renew or regain our overall health is to do a good liver and colon cleanse to aid our bodily systems in removing this toxic load. After doing a body cleanse, most people see and feel a definite improvement in their energy, skin, joint pain, and mood. Another common benefit: most people will lose between five and ten pounds and they will continue to lose weight due to the removal of the toxic burden from their bodily systems.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, I am always teaching people to look for the root cause of disease. Cleansing our body systems is a foundational component to getting and staying healthy. Even though, I encourage you to eat a whole foods diet that is organic, it is impossible to remove all the toxins from our industrialized lifestyles. So, regular cleansing – and I don’t mean showers – is critical to obtaining optimal health.

Think about it. Unless you are one who does cleanse your digestive tract regularly, there are years of waste accumulated in the liver and colon that impacts your entire body every day.

I often use this example: Would you ever consider driving your car for years without changing the oil and filter, knowing that this dirty oil and clogged filter will reduce the life expectancy and performance of your car engine? Of course you wouldn’t. So you mustn’t let the vehicle for your soul and spirit operate under those conditions, either!

When cleansing the liver and colon, you may experience detox symptoms for a few days like, fatigue, headaches, achy muscles and joints, and skin rashes. This is due to the toxins being released and flushed out of the liver into the bloodstream. Because your skin is an eliminating organ, when toxins are released, they show up in your skin. Think of sweeping out a dirty basement. The toxins are being stirred up, like dirt being swept in the basement, and they need to be removed.

Additionally, you always want to do a liver and bowel cleanse together, so the bowel is open to excrete the toxic waste. Symptoms will usually pass by the fourth or fifth day of cleansing, and you will begin to feel the energizing effects of your cleanse.

The cleansing system that I have in my cabinet is called NutraClean by NutraMetrix®, an all-natural colon-liver cleanse product that does an exceptional job cleaning the digestive tract; flushing out the toxins hanging-out in the liver and colon; and supporting the body’s natural ability to restore and cleanse itself.

The NutraClean 7-Day Cleanse:

  • Helps maintain digestive health
  • Helps cleanse the colon
  • Promotes colon health
  • Promotes healthy growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon
  • Helps maintain proper levels of intestinal microflora
  • Helps support normal bowel regularity and fecal volume
  • Helps maintain balanced bowels

An Alumnus of my Naturopathic Wellness Course offered this inspiration:

“I began a wellness quest of my own to see if it weren’t possible that perhaps many of the issues I observed might be self-inflicted. I had enough knowledge and experience with my own body to guess that it was a pretty amazing organism, and that it just might be powerful enough to heal itself if provided enough of the right ingredients. And then I learned the simplest and yet the most astounding fact: health begins in the gut. That amazing little piece of information has transformed my life and has been the key to my learning. It is that information I want to share with others who might benefit from it as greatly as I have.”

My job and mission as a Naturopathic Doctor, Health & Wellness Coach, and Teacher, is to share with my clients and students natural ways to be proactive in order to exceed their individual health and wellness goals. To learn more about my Naturopathic Wellness Courses, visit my website, You may also reach out by calling 727-265-2329, or emailing

Source: Centers for Disease Control [CDC]


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