Naturopathic Wellness Course

7 Guided Classes

Deadline to Register

January 19th, 2021

Deadline to Register

Do you want to gain the confidence and skills to help others improve their health?

Do you want to start earning an income by teaching others about nutrition, plant-based medicine, supplements and understanding naturopathy?

Or do you already have a career as health coach, nutritionist, chiropractor, medical doctor or fitness instructor who is looking to add to your existing business by offering more services, education and value to clients or patients? 

Are you looking to add significant income with an online wellness business? 

Dr. Sheryl,N.D. is looking for people to join her in a mission to transform millions of lives by empowering you with the basic principles of Naturopathy. The Online Naturopathic Wellness Course by Dr. Sheryl,N.D. will equip you with the education, tools and business system to offer Naturopathic wellness coaching. 

Becoming a health coach can help you earn a significant income and give you more freedom in life, all while sharing a message you love. 

Dr. Sheryl,N.D. is currently enrolling students in the Naturopathic Wellness Coaching Course however there are limited spots available.


           Purpose of this Course 

  • Learn the Basic Principles of Naturopathy
  • Discover the Root Cause of Disease
  • Understand Your Body Systems & Functions
  • Education on the Science of Nutritional Supplementation
  • Be a Part of a Passionate Wellness Community
  • Take the Course Online at your Own Pace
  • Gain the Skills to Become a Wellness Coach

” This course was fantastic!  A rich resource of information on all body systems and the root cause of disease and how to achieve optimal wellness.  It greatly added to my understanding and created a greater passion to learn more.  I would recommend it to both Health Professionals and individuals who just want to increase their knowledge.”

Teresa Noor

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Receive over 10 hours of personally guided training by

Dr. Sheryl, N.D. on the basic principles of Naturopathy

For only $297.00

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Registration is now open it’s a perfect time to get started with your Naturopathic Wellness Course.

 You will have access to all 7 classes and live Q&A calls. This will allow you to complete the course at your own pace, imagine all the valuable wellness information you will be able to share with others.

Course Details

  • You will receive 7  classes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each.
  • Upon completion of each class there will be a short quiz.
  • You will have unlimited access to your classes and support material from the day of your enrollment thru the private members area.
  • Take the Course at your own pace no matter what time zone you live in.
  • Each student will have access to 7 weekly live group conference calls to discus questions and course material with Dr. Sheryl, N.D.
  • Upon Completion of your Naturopathic Wellness Course you will receive a Certification of  Completion ,  students if they like can be  recognized and posted on our site.
  • You will have access to ask questions regarding course material thru email and a community of other students and wellness coaches thru our group face book page.


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   Mission and Intent of The Naturopathic Wellness Course

My passion and desire is educating those who are interested in the study of Naturopathy, prevention and wellness care.  I believe The Naturopathic Wellness Course and these 7 classes can change your life! This course will give you the basic foundation of Naturopathy, which can empower you to help yourself and others, together we can make a difference.

The study of Naturopathy has made such a difference in my own personal health and It has been a joy to see first hand the difference it has made for the health of literally 1000’s of people that I have been able to mentor and coach.

I realize that many people just don’t have the desire, time or income to achieve a full Certificated Naturopathic Doctor degree; this is why I have created the Naturopathic Wellness Course.  This education has changed my life and I want to pay it forward.

  • This course will help anyone searching for education on ways to improve their own health and to help educate others on the basic principles of wellness and naturopathy.
  • Empower those who want to understand the root cause of sickness and disease.
  • Gain the knowledge about your body systems and how they interact with each other.
  • Understanding how to feed and nourish your body systems with vital nutrients that can allow you to heal naturally.
  • Learn about environmental toxins that can be causing sickness and disease.
  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to look at health challenges and symptoms and think differently. Instead of always having turn to drugs that can cause unwanted side effects, which usually leads to a downward spiral toward more imbalance and disease.
  • You will now be able to think about what is the root cause of this symptom disease, which body system is out of balance and how can I bring the body back into a balanced healthy state.

Training by Dr. Sheryl is interactive, insightful and entertaining. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and easily triggers a hunger for more knowledge. Dr. Sheryl’s classes are appropriate and respected by both health professionals and individuals. The practical things I have learned in these classes has had a long lasting effect on my lifestyle choices.

Rebecca Morehead, CPCC, CHSE

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