Why Dr. Sheryl Recommends This
Supplement for Digestive Health

The benefits of aloe juice have been revered for centuries. Aloe juice helps soothe and lubricate the stomach lining, stimulate the immune system and restore GI tract health by gently cleansing and stimulating new cell growth. Aloe is an excellent supplement for addressing gastrointestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcers, GERD, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis or constipation. Long-term use of commonly prescribed drugs like PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) traditionally used for gastrointestinal conditions can have many negative side effects. Acid-blocking drugs cut acid production too much causing the inadequate breakdown of food, resulting in the inability to effectively absorb calcium, vitamins and minerals in the digestive process. This can adversely affect the balance of the entire body system and in some cases lead to osteoporosis. Withdrawal from PPI’s can lead to severe rebound acid secretion, a complication that can force users to become dependent on them.

Unlike prescription medications aloe juice can be used long-term with no side-effects. Because of this and the added benefits to the entire digestive tract and immune system it is the very first product I use to improve the condition of the digestive tract.

Many of my clients who have suffered with acid reflux so severe that they could not sleep lying on their back have received almost instant results using 2-4 ounces of Ultimate Aloe juice every day. Ultimate Aloe won the International Aloe Science Council award for the highest amount of polysaccharides. Many aloe products on the market are not concentrated and do not have enough active ingredients to be effective.

nutraMetrix® Ultimate Aloe®

  • Ultimate Aloe Juice soothes and calms the GI tract
  • Polysaccharides act as anti-inflammatory agents to help renew and rebuild a healthy GI tract.
  • Aloe stimulates mucus secretion, protecting and lubricating the GI tract. It may promote bicarbonate secretion, which protects GI tissues from drastic pH changes.
  • Promotes healthy epithelium (skin) growth, which helps to repair the intestinal wall.
  • Buffers the GI tract, reducing acid damage. It is believed that certain components of aloe may support appropriate hydrochloric acid levels through direct action on histamine receptors.
  • Contains digestive enzymes that help to break down and digest foods.
  • Creates a mild cleansing effect and a mild laxative effect.
  • Contains antioxidants – Antioxidant constituents such as beta-carotene fight free radicals and their damaging effects.
  • Contains vitamins – vitamins A, E and B-12, zinc, magnesium, calcium and essential fatty acids.
  • Stimulates the immune system. Increases the number and activity of macrophages, natural killer cells and monocytes.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels.

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“Hiatal hernia/acid reflux
I have several digestive problems, gastroparesis and a hiatal hernia thus the acid reflux. I often get nauseous as well. The Aloe Juice takes care of nausea within minutes. I am also prone to acid reflux. The Aloe Juice relieves the burning shortly after taking it. This is one product I refuse to live without! I cannot tell you how important the aloe is for me.”

– Ginny Simonsen

Great Savings On The  Digestive Health Kit… Save 22%

digestive kit

In today’s world of processed and fast foods, you are what you eat. With the less than ideal standard American diet, the body must work harder to break down food, absorb nutrients and get rid of waste. Maintaining digestive and immune health depends on a combination of optimal bacterial balance and maximum nutrient absorption.


Each product in the Digestive Health Kit works synergistically to support digestive comfort, regularity, immune function, proper nutrient absorption and promotes the balance of good bacteria in the gut. Plus, by purchasing the nutraMetrix Digestive Health Kit instead of buying these products individually you save 22% – a $19.90 value!


Digestive enzymes are required for the body to properly absorb and utilize nutrients from food. A lack of digestive enzymes puts additional strain on your system and results in an incomplete digestive process. As you age, the body’s ability to make certain digestive enzymes decreases.


nutraMetrix Isotonix® Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics is an isotonic-capable supplement designed to replenish essential digestive enzymes, contributing to good digestive health. Maintaining bacterial balance is a key component of a healthy digestive tract. The digestive tract is home to 400-500 different types of bacteria. These bacteria include both healthy bacteria (probiotics) and potentially unhealthy bacteria. Maintaining optimal digestive and immune health depends in large part on making sure the good bacteria outnumber the bad. With such tremendous diversity naturally present in the digestive tract, it is important to supplement with not just one strain, but numerous strains of probiotics, so that the most comprehensive benefit is received.


nutraMetrix NutriClean® Probiotics are 10 carefully selected bacterial strains with a unique role to help your body maintain bacterial balance and optimal digestive health. The digestive system is a primary part of immune defense, containing approximately 70 percent of the body’s immune system. Studies have shown that aloe consumed orally promotes normal digestion and supports a healthy immune system.


nutraMetrix Ultimate Aloe® is derived from whole leaf aloe and retains the qualities of naturally occurring aloe vera through a proprietary extraction process. This aids in supplying critical enzymes and removing the undesirable components such as aloin and emodin that may cause digestive discomfort. Because of this, nutraMetrix Ultimate Aloe delivers superior results you can depend on time after time

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Complimentary products for Digestive Health

nutraMetrix Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics

Stomach acid decreases as we age. As we grow older our level of stomach acids naturally decrease. When we eat heavy foods or eat a huge meal we don’t have enough acids to break down these foods. The stomach overcompensates and begins to produce extra acid which then can create acid reflux problems over time. If we take digestive enzymes with our meals we take the pressure off of the stomach. Because of the digestive enzymes it does not need to produce excess acids to help break down the foods. Digestive enzymes help your body’s natural digestive processes.
nutraMetrix Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics helps to replenish the essential enzymes-amylase, protease, cellulose, lactase, lipase, maltase, and sucrase and “good” bacteria – Lactobacillus sporogenes, necessary for maximum absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Unlike tablet digestive aids this formula presented in an Isotonix delivery system meaning it is broken down and ready to go to work on liquifying the food you consume.

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Dr Sheryl’s Tips to Improve Digestion

probioticsEat several small, frequent pH balanced meals per day. Make sure not to overeat!

Take nutraMetrix Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics to help naturally liquefy and break down food so that your stomach doesn’t have to overproduce acid

Take Ultimate Aloe Juice to help soothe and lubricate the stomach lining and stimulate new cell growth in the GI tract.

Take pH balancing supplements. See our pH balance page

If you suffer from irregular bowels or have been on antibiotics consider taking a round of Probiotics to ensure your digestive tract has adequate amounts of friendly bacteria. (NutraMetrix Nutraclean probiotic)

“I went to Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Summerfest. Of course there was eating and drinking various sweets, and fried foods. Around 3 AM, I woke up with the worst acid reflux I had ever experienced. I grabbed a handful of the store bought relief, but it did not help. I was coughing, my throat was burning, my stomach was really upset, and I was shaking. To make a long story short, I remembered I had my Ultimate Aloe Juice. As soon as I drank some, I felt instant relief in my throat, and my stomach settled almost immediately. I continued slowly sip my Aloe, and was able to go back to sleep. I will never be with out it again.”

– Patti Maguire

“My mom is 68 years old. She has suffered with acid reflux for years. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t take an antacid. Two months ago she started taking Isotonix Digestive Enzyme with Probiotics twice a day and has not had any acid reflux symptoms since. She is amazed at the results.”

– Nicole Campbell

“A good friend that I have known for a long time had been fighting a problem with his colon for eight to ten years. His general health was very poor. He lost weight, couldn’t get away from a bathroom at all due to constant diarrhea, appeared pale, and experienced abdominal pain. The doctors had many times tried to get him to allow them to do surgery. They wanted to cut out most of his ulcerated colon and put a colostomy on him. He would not go through. He took the antibiotics, tried whey, took many different herbal remedies, ate special diets and the last thing he tried was colonics. After taking colonics last year for about three months the therapists’ that were working with him told his wife they were very concerned that he wasn’t getting better. He was still passing bloody mucous in large quantities every time they treated him.
I suggested she get him to try the Ultimate Aloe and she agreed. He began taking it and after about a month she began to notice some difference. The therapist confirmed that he wasn’t passing as much blood and after about three months everyone who knows the man was asking what he was doing for himself. “You look so much better they would say!” After about 7 months on the Aloe he discontinued taking colonics.
The therapist stated that he appears to be in good shape now. It has been about a year since he started the Aloe and he has started back to work, doesn’t have to stay near the bathroom anymore. In fact they just went on a 200-mile trip and only made 4 rest stops. Before the Aloe he had to stop at least 4 times going 45 miles. Did I mention that he is 73 years old? Needless to say he doesn’t allow himself to run out of Aloe for any reason.”

– Linda Basham