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pH Test Kit special

Is your body’s pH in balance? Find out by testing! You get your cholesterol tested. You get your blood pressure tested. Now you can test your pH – easily, accurately and within the comfort of your own home! Just like your cholesterol and blood pressure, your pH says a lot about the state of your health. It tells you how acidic or alkaline your tissues and interstitial fluids are this can affect all aspect of your well-being.

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Also in this short video “Your Body Is Talking…Are You Listening?” Dr. Sheryl will share the basic principles of naturopathy helping you to understand the root causes of disease. You will take a journey inside of a live digestive tract giving you a better understanding of how each of your body systems are interconnected and dependent on a healthy digestive system.

Dr. Sheryl will also be educating on the deficiencies of the American diet and proper use of nutritional supplementation.

Test Don’t Guess
Dr Sheryl’s pH Test Kit:
pH Video from Dr. Sheryl, ND on Vimeo.

  • Includes 15 test strips
  • 2 Full pages of information on pH and how it affects the body
  • How to take the test so you get an accurate reading.
  • Also includes 1 “Your Body Is Talking…Are You Listening?” DVD
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If you are passionate about learning and sharing good health in a quick and effective way
this pH Test Kit along with the DVD “Your Body is Talking… Are You Listening?” is for you….

How To Bring Your Health Back Naturally
By Understanding The Root Cause!

Leading Naturopath reveals how a simple home test can put you on the road to optimal health.

Have you ever wondered why your body feels out of balance?

  • Do you frequently find yourself feeling symptoms of fatigue?
  • Are you frustrated with visiting your doctor and not seeing any improvement?
  • Have you found yourself questioning all the side effects of medications?

I Totally Understand…

My own personal health challenges led me to the study of naturopathy. From childhood to my mid-thirties I suffered from a very weakened immune system. The solutions offered by medical doctors were repeated rounds of antibiotics, as much as 8 to 10 times per year, which ultimately caused an imbalance in my body systems. My digestion was also affected by the frequent medications, leading to chronic constipation and yeast infections. I was sick more than I was well. Something had to be done.

Like many of you, I sensed there had to be an alternative to living life in a constant state of illness and dependency on pharmaceutical medications.

Look, it’s not your fault. Many times the traditional medical community is not trained to look for the root cause of your problem or condition.

That’s OK … as a Naturopath this is what I am trained to do.
It’s possible to turn your health around with the right knowledge.

Understand your body is always in motion…
what you want to know is are you moving toward or away from disease.

You can continue down the path you are on and more then likely keep getting the same results OR


Learn about your body systems and how to test pH.  Understanding the root cause for many of the most common health challenges. See the latest advances in the science of health and nutrition that may help you with:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone & Joint Hearth
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Weight management
  • Indigestion & Heartburn Asthma
  • Asthma
  • Flu’s & Colds
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Constipation
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For many years I have dealt with many health challenges including excessive weight problems, joint pain along with elevated blood sugar. I really didn’t understand where to start to get my health back or my weight under control. I didn’t want to take medication for the rest of my life. After watching Dr. Sheryl’s DVD “Your Body is Talking… Are you Listening?” This education had a huge impact on my life. It was so easy to understand what I needed to do to take charge of my health and start using some these basic principles. I have since lost over 80 pounds; my blood sugar has stabilized and I feel just amazing.

Thanks you Dr. Sheryl

Charlotte Israel


I am a mother of 2 with a very busy lifestyle. One of my children suffers from ADHD and I personally suffer from chronic digestive problems acid re-flux, and irritable bowel. I have always wanted to do things the natural way but just wasn’t quit sure how. When I watched Dr. Sheryl’s educational DVD called “Your Body Is Talking. Are You Listening?” It made so much since I was able to apply the easy principles to our lives and what a difference. Our son is medication free and I was able learn what to use to keep my digestive system balanced. By using the simple pH test we were able to know our pH levels, which made so much since to help us make the dietary adjustments necessary to bring our bodies back into balance.

Tara F.


The education  from Dr. Sheryl’s DVD has been so helpful to my patients. As a Chiropractor I have always encourage my patients to follow a more natural approach. What I like about this education is it so simple to understand, in just 35 minutes my patients can get a better understanding of how to deal with many of there health challenges naturally. It is very important to test the pH as an acid condition can lead to joint pain and chronic inflammation.

Thanks for creating this great tool.

Dr. Shawn Hanson.

By Watching “Your Body Is Talking…Are you Listening?” And Taking A Simple pH Test

35 Minutes of Life-Changing Information to Help You Optimize Your Health!

This Can Put You On The Path To Improving Your Health Quickly


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you think this educational information and the pH test kit isn’t the best $19.95 you’ve ever spent just send back the DVD and the unused pH test strips and I will gladly send you a full refund.

Health is one of our greatest gifts

Do not stay stuck where you are and feel just as bad

6 months from now

 This education is the key to improving your health

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