Conduct a Wellness Event

Below you will find a list of links to download the tools that can support you in hosting a wellness event or party 

Wellness Party Video

Just push play and follow the Instructions from Wellness Party Outline

Step by Step instructions for conducting a successful wellness party



Choose from 2 invite flyers that can easily be changed with your personal information


Wine & Wellness Party


Wellness survey is provide to each attendee to collect information regarding diet and lifestyle as well as key health challenges

Wellness Survey

Hand Outs

Below are helpful handouts for your attendees

Nutritional Wellness Notes Page


Nutritional Support Guide


Istonix Directions

One to One Wellness Education System 

This educational system will provide you with 3 educational  DVD’s to share with your clients along with a pH test kit to make is easy to do a 1 on 1 wellness coaching session.

One To One Educational Wellness System

education-kit-pic (2)






See Additional Educational DVD’s

DVD’s by Dr Sheryl

Study Material

Below is a handy guide that list nutritional supplements to support many of he most common health challenges

Nutritional Guide (long version)

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Is Your Body pH Balanced?

“Test Don’t Guess” Easy, accurate, and from the comfort of your home!
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