Body Systems


It is important to understand how our body systems work and how they affect each other. My favorite saying is, “there are no fences in your body.” Each of our body systems are connected and interact with each other. When one of our body systems becomes out of balance, it can affect the entire health and balance of our body.

In traditional medicine, we are taught to look for the disease and treat it with a drug or surgery. In naturopathic medicine, we are taught to look for the root cause of the disease, by looking for the body systems that are out of balance. Then we can use methods of either detoxifying or feeding and nourishing that system in order to bring the body back into balance.

The drawing above illustrates how each system affects each other. At the bottom is the colon, which is a major eliminating organ for our bodies. When this system does not function properly, it can affect all other body systems, like our liver and lymphatic systems.

For example, long before you have problems with the circulatory system, like high blood pressure or arterial sclerosis, you will have had a problem with digestion and elimination. By learning how these systems work, you can better understand where the root of your imbalance stems.

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