Why Dr. Sheryl Recommends This Supplement for Anti-Aging

The body ages as hormone production declines. The body’s master hormone HGH, or human growth hormone, is involved in almost every function of the body – bone density, muscle mass, body fat, exercise capacity, sex drive. HGH decreases naturally with age. Poor dietary habits, overexposure to the sun, smoking and lack of exercise further contribute to the reduction of HGH.

The supplements in the Prime Anti-Aging Kit help to enhance the production of HGH.
nutraMetrix Ultra Prime Secretagogue helps increase strength and energy by promoting the normal production of HGH. It serves as a trigger to safely and naturally promote the normal function of the pituitary gland. This formula contains potent amino acids and nutrients that combine in a precise peptide formulation to effectively raise HGH levels.

In an informative book, “Grow Young with HGH”, Dr. Ronald Klatz does an excellent job describing the HGH effect in the body. If you were to purchase all of the amino acids Dr. Klatz recommends it would be extremely expensive and difficult to consume. The Ultra Prime Secretagogue has the proper amount of key amino acids to effectively help the body to stimulate the production of human growth hormone. It’s highly effective and less expensive than HGH injections which have not yet been studied for long term side effects.

Bone and joint health is a major complaint with aging adults. To keep moving smoothly, nutraMetrix Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix® is uniquely formulated with glucosamine, Pycnogenol® and hyaluronic acid to support relief from temporary inflammation associated with the normal aging process. It is the only product on the market delivering these crucial joint relief ingredients in an isotonic form, meaning you receive the benefit quickly and efficiently. Many orthopedic physicians across the country are now reporting great results using this isotonic formulation.

nutraMetrix Prime™ Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix® As aging occurs, the body’s ability to build and retain muscle tissue is reduced. The result is weakness and frailty. Research has shown that supplementation with branched chain amino acids, BCAA’s, promotes muscle retention in older adults. Additionally, it has been shown that supplementation of BCAA during exercise supports muscle protein synthesis and inhibits protein catabolism (breakdown) and muscle fatigue. Studies indicate that BCAA’s improve mental concentration, and reduce and delay mental decline. The BCAA’s in nutraMetrix Prime Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix have been instantized, meaning they are developed through a unique production technology that allows for quicker dissolution in water and better bioavailability. Another key ingredient in this formula is huperzine A, which has been studied to helps improve and enhance memory and cognitive function.

A 100 mg of grape seed extract is the third ingredient in this formula. This potent antioxidant is beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation. Studies suggest that supplementing with grape seed extract can promote normal circulation. High in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s), grape seed extract has been shown to decrease and prevent the formation of free radicals, which promotes cardiovascular health. OPC’s are also proven to promote healthy connective tissue and joint lubricant. As we age staying active is the key to good health and longevity.
The nutraMetrix Prime Advantage Anti-Aging Kit covers it all. Special pricing on this kit gives a savings of more than 48% compared to purchasing these products separately. This is a significant savings on a potent anti-aging protocol.

nutraMetrix® Prime™ Advantage Anti-Aging Kit:

  • This kit includes three of Dr. Sheryl’s’ favorite products to deal with specific needs of the active, aging adult:
  • nutraMetrix Ultra Prime Secretagogue – HGH Enhancer
  • nutraMetrix Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix
  • nutraMetrix Prime™ Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix
  • Helps increase strength, energy and endurance
  • Maintains cardiovascular health Helps maintain joint comfort, healthy joint fluidity and flexibility
  • Promotes healthy muscle retention and use
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue

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“I want to thank Dr. Sheryl for turning me onto the Prime HGH Secretagogue formula. I sleep much better and it is working for me. My blood pressure has been better than ever and my hair is actually growing back. I had been going bald for the last ten years and have been quite bald on the top and top back for a long time now. I actually have really fine hair growing all over the top of my head and I have several what I call charlie brown hair on the top of my head. My skin is healthier than ever. I so love HGH Secretagogue formula.”

– Jim Greunke